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We and the Stars

Just observe them for a moment to reflect on how perfect they are in that infinite Universe

A Universe so infinite that even today many things are inexplicable, or perhaps we Humans ask many questions of certain unknowns or simply out of ignorance it looks like a sky of the World with nothing of Particular.

Many Ancient Cultures and Societies have been in search of reaching the conclusion of this Unknown, some Ancient societies studied Astrology and demonstrated them in their Hieroglyphic Drawings or Papyrus desiring to leave information for the future civilisation, but the grave robbers, the colonisers and others they smashed many pieces of evidence, and others hid them to later “sell them on the black market“.

So, it is here that we ask ourselves many questions first and after, without finding many answers to our Human logic.

Whatever our little or some discovery or information, it is only enough to admire that infinite Universe where other Worlds must exist, other Galaxies and Stars, it is impossible to be alone before such an immense stellar mass.

We are part of this Universe, full of energy and light, our bodies emit energy and vibrations as well as Animals and Nature, we are emanates energy!
I think that we are also part of this enigma.

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