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Una semana de Diy Proyectos

Re iniciando a los Diy Videos 🎨☘

Hola 🍂☕🎃🍁

Esta semana inicie nuevos DIY Proyectos faciles, economicos y magicos!

En este tiempo de Pandemia, nos ha traido mucho estres/ pesimismo/ ansiedad/ depresion/angustias y demas … muchos han perdido sus trabajos, preocupados en pagar sus recibos y mas … pero, en estas fiestas NO PODEMOS DEJAR DE ALEGRARNOS EN ARMONIA 🙏 por este motivo artesanas (como yo!), estamos motivando con Ideas faciles, recicladas y llenas de magia para ti, para que decores tu casa, para que des color y alegria sin gastar mucho.

Te invito a que visites MI CANAL EN YOUTUBE aqui el LINK 👇

Muchas gracias por apoyar nuestro trabajo, abrazos x

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Marionette spoons


This is a fun puppet making craft and each one comes out different depending on what materials you use to make them. For making the people, you can use markers, paint, or crayons to draw a face. You can use circle stickers for ears…or use paper and glue on ears. You can paste them on the “back” of the head so only part of the circle will show from the frontYou can use pipe cleaners for arms…just wrap them around the body or cut one in half and glue to the spoon. You can make the clothing from scraps of plastic, cloth, decorative paper, felt, etc. Just use your imagination. You can use cotton, yarn, string, or paper for hair. To keep these standing up straight, you can stick them in clay or play dough. If you want to make them into puppets, you can attach them to your fingers with rubber bands, as seen above.

I want to remind you, my Website has “translate” into your language, thanks for being here x
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