-Handmade candles
-Painting and Illustration Digital (doodle art)
-Handmade cards
-Ki Crafts (tutorials from my youtube channel)
-PDF Patter (tutorials from my youtube channel) and several others
-Journal Scrap (set made with Scrapbooking)
-Printing (tote bags, t shirts, pillow cases)
-Books (new and others in good condition)
-E Books: Audiobooks (various topics) written by me
-Digital Printable ((ZIP FILES SVG EPS JPG PNG DXF)
-Stickers (vinyl or paper)
-Shergar Shop (antiques & collectables British, Peru Art, Horseracing)
-Gift ideas (variety)


Don’t miss out this fabulous opportunity to buy at an OFFER price!

*FOR YOUR PURCHASING will receive:
-Nice wrapped eco-friendly packaging
-Cute embellishments
-Lovely small things with charms
-A free magical gift

*FOR ANY INFORMATION or International shipping service, please Contact Us:
Phone: (+44) 932 791490

We are a small online business.
The designs and artwork are for personal and non-commercial use, they are protected by copyright.
amadriadi celia bailes © All Right Reserved.
Copyright Protect My Work Limited

Celia & Keith Bailes



¡Gracias por colaborar regalándome un café! / Thank you for your support by giving me a coffee!/ Grazie mille per collaborare regalandomi un caffè!


amadriadi celia bailes © All Right Reserved.
Copyright Protect My Work Limited

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