Old and grumpy

When comes to being old andbitter

Seeing the bitter and impulsive reaction in “elderly” is very common, but today humans become elderly from a very young age, that is, their irritability, little patience, nervous anxiety and bad mood is very common today.
Everything has a reason and psychologists and psychiatrists help a lot to know what the problem is that causes or why this constant nervous irritability.

Nervous and bipolar irritable behavior “is not normal” therefore normal people cannot be pressured to break their harmony to accept this bitter and irritable behavior of their partner, family member, child or friend.
No one and no one can or should “impose” their irritability at all times, bipolar at all times, impulsive reactions or even more not to accept, they have a psychological problem to solve…

Is Irritable Male Syndrome Affecting Your Relationships?
As the name suggests, irritable male syndrome’s leading symptom is irritability. Depression and lower self-confidence can also be symptoms. It can lead to difficulty concentrating, trouble sleeping, and reduced energy. You may have a harder time losing weight and recovering after exercise. Hormonal changes in men can also cause a lower sex drive or erectile dysfunction.
All of these symptoms can affect how you interact with your partner, often not in a positive way. Moodiness and a change in libido can interfere with what was once a loving relationship. Other symptoms, like poor sleep, can affect many aspects of your overall health. Your physical health and mood may worsen over time.
Recognizing these symptoms is an important step in addressing them. Getting the support of your partner in managing changes in mood, energy, and other symptoms is the best approach.
Andropause is most directly caused by a decrease in testosterone. Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone that’s key to male reproductive development. It also factors in other male characteristics, such as muscle mass and body hair. Levels of testosterone tend to decline gradually in men starting in their 30s.
Testosterone is associated with confidence, fitness, energy, and sex drive all characteristics that may contribute to healthy relationships. So lower testosterone levels can affect some of the key areas that may influence how you relate to your partner.



Why Am I So Irritable?
16 Medical Causes of Irritability:
-Lack of Sleep
-Chronic Pain
-Depressive symptoms
-Over Caffeination
-Heart failure
-New medications
-Narcissistic personality disorder
-Substance abuse


But not all “elderly” or people are bitter or bipolar or aggressive, that is, there are humans who keep smiling, being optimistic, value what “others do for them” and are even more grateful to those who care for and protect them.
The “harmony, peace, calm, smiles, patience, happiness” is priceless! But none must break it or destroy it, no way!


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