Modernity mocks the harmony

Just seeing a human walking down the street smiling, without rushing, walking calmly, spreading harmony and peace, calmly taking the change in traffic light without getting bitter without rushing, simply being there with a kind smile waiting for the change of light.

Honestly, many will say it “that’s crazy!
But is she the crazy one or us who run in despair for everything and everyone….

Seeing families, partners, children and elders take their own time with calmly, smiling more among themselves and spending pleasant moments together, joy this little things, but for many today in this modernity is like a horror movie, because doing things calmly, as a family and smiling each other “is a crazy thing!” in this modernity time ….

But do you honestly think that those people who radiate calm, harmony, happiness and tranquillity are crazy? Do you honestly think so or do you envy it?
Well, you shouldn’t envy anything, because all this is also within you, you just have to press that pause button, stop everything that is in excess and enjoy more those small details that this modernity has forgotten, or wants it to be.

Let’s make a better world, but let’s start from ourselves x

Don’t look at your watch when you decide to take your life calmly and harmoniously, just enjoy that time that will never come back


amadriadi celia bailes © All Right Reserved.
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