The circus of illusion

There are times when you thinking about what you watching around and can see how things change from one moment to the next day, and it’s like somethings running against time or maybe running like a thief who doesn’t want to be caught…

To be or not to be” today is a more than literary phrase, it is a great unknown of this modern life.

I know that many people laugh, mock, comment among themselves, or are curious or just simply horrified by this circus of horror that our modernity has become today and where everything is a huge coloured illusion…
Where they are made to believe this is a brilliant, magical, perfect new path of this new world (and whoever does not follow them or this ideas is bullied or mocked or not accepted in the social group), we as adults can understand some things, but the little ones and young people are so sensitive understand the reality of maturity…

They receive talks, classes, shows, they see adults cross-dressing and they are taught that all this is not bad, but rather just thinking, it is modern life and is so funny everything or, just apparently…

Someone pushed to do this transformation (creating an illusion that is not real), yes they can wash the brain and put certain things there, but the human arrives at one moment in his life to “reflect” and that is where internal problems occur with oneself, to feel contempt for what did, and start to feel frustrated for having removed natural genital parts, or accept sexuality what not feel more comfortable, and that is, when the illusion ceases to be, and become just a great abyss of unknowns, questions and disappointment with himself…

Today you see this “carnival of illusion” in children’s schools, care homes for the elderly, social groups, entertainment and theatres, shows, parades, TV promotions, commercials, etc. Where it pushes, invites you, in many calls the curiosity, where that bright magical luminous door full of fantasy is shown to open before you and invite to enter… but remember you will never go out as you were before.

It is not time to cause more confusion or chaos, it is time to pray for this modern society that is losing rules and norms, where if you are not like them they make you feel worthless, where children fall into families where they are not straight and It’s that when they grow up and will reflect who they are, but looking back can’t go back anymore.
Every day you see more transsexuals than men and women in anyway… just let’s reflect and pray x

In this modern society, the laws are so weak for those who rape, are paedophiles, traffic humans, murder children, mistreat animals, traffic animals, that is, if someone go out to steal an orange for hunger are more judged by the law of society more than by be a criminal pervert…
Let’s pray for our society so that the light stays on!

The sexual orientation must be natural and respected, but not forced after a rape, imposition or created as an illusion… because it will not return was at the beginning.


amadriadi celia bailes © All Right Reserved.
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