Just take a deep breath

This week after a long and relaxed Easter weekend, I went back to work but think my arm was so relaxed that the discomfort and pain started again…
After the doses my arm began to being swell and my arteries ache, which is why throughout the quarantine I was fall depressed from not being able to do things “quickly” as I am used normally in my life way, now I must take my time and take a rest, that is, I go to the rhythm “turtle“.
I learned what is in real the “patience“, really is not easy, and to maintain my “harmony” without lose the patience. I learned that life comes first and take care of ourselves than egos or superficiality ways. For others it is still hard to learn it and thinking is more easy try to keep running his life (but today life is too shorter), things change without warning us and when you wake up many things are already different or appear to be different.
But, that sky, that field, that air, that life, that’s pet and animals, that’s universe, yeah is always there and we don’t realize it until we reflect on ourselves.

If when start to reflect, and start to think are just wasting time thinking about buying a bigger car than your neighbour’s, or about having a better thing than the other, but in the end just forget that when die you will not take anything you bought with you !
Little do we give us time to enjoy peace, harmony, spiritual health, to smile with the family, to share love with our loved ones, that is, all this is free but, sometimes we think more about the superficial things not necessary in our life to just waste time, yeah this time what never ever come back more.

Today my arm woke up bit better, and I give it time to get settled again and I can continue my work.
No more depression! No more sadness! No more nerves!
You simply accept life as it is today and continue to want to live.
What a delight it is to take a deep breath without chaos around you, enjoy a delicious hot cup and smile at life, happiness is being alive today and thank God for the blessing of food, home and this life.
Enjoy your pet, your little piece of heaven and give ourselves more love and harmony… Good morning everyone!

Ps. Do not run desperate through your life, walk step by step and take with you the best pleasant moments forever x


amadriadi celia bailes © All Right Reserved.
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