Let go of what must go from your life

Do not get intoxicated and let go of what must go from your life”

-Paranoid, Depressive, Anxious, Nervous, Impulsive, Dominate, Aggressive, Rude or Pervert person, etc.

Can’t Live With

-Insults, domination, slavery, contempt, mockery, psychological or physical abuse, etc.

The feeling from one human to another is infinite, but when receiving so much pain and contempt, the feeling breaks, to leaving a taste of bitterness, sadness, disappointment, pain and so much confusion.

The aggressor (can be a man or woman), does not limit himself or even reflect on what does just continue hitting with his ego to destroy that other person, who just love or feel feeling for him.

It is painful when you reach the end without breath, without the strength to go on with his relationship and just have one idea in mind “run” from someone you once loved or still love, but you know that there is no recovery and that everything is always “the same game and nothing changes for good”, instead it’s getting worse…

Some will say “how dramatic your post”, it is that those who love someone give all to someone without thinking of being involved in so much pain, instead they think with great optimism that this relationship will be fantastic!

Some find their harmonious match and others find their worst nightmare.

When it is time, it is when you should let go out of that toxic relationship, because if you do not come out at the right time, it will suffocate you and kill your soul, because a toxic relationship has no limits or end…


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