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Today is Saturday and it’s 18:45 pm …. and I just finished!

Maybe you wonder…. What have I done?


Well, this week I decided to end the advertising for my shop on Esty as my shop amadriadi as Shergar Shop (husband’s shop on Vinted/ ebay), marketing of everything that I have programmed to do, create, sell and promote… I sat down with a pen and paper and started to thinking and writing down everything what I could do, what I can’t do, what It is within my economic and what is not my economy to can do, what I could create and what I could not create, what I could sell online and what I could not sell online… that is, I made a so deeply reflection to myself, I marketed myself and had to accept many things, balancing without reaching personal frustration, but taking things calmly and harmoniously… I always say this is truth, but let me to tell you “it’s not easy for me too“, but we must do it x

Everything seems very easy, very beautiful, very practical… but in the end you know that it is a huge effort, and you must do it, it’s not other way!
So add more coffee and sweets to brighten up that work time in pace x

And to keep the relationship with others as well with your partner in good vibes… it is not easy for them to understand our enthusiasm to get into everything at deeply work x

It is important to reflect on where you are in this moment and what you can do from your place to , it is important to visualize if what you are projecting will work out (we know that obstacles exist), but not to fall into pessimism, let’s simply reflect….

I know that we have to save time, that is, we cannot dedicate ourselves for many more days, so make an effort on those days and squeeze all your time, and then be relaxed and organized… yes, organized!

Problems and obstacles arise, nothing is easy or perfect in this real life oh yeah, but do not be afraid that after this problem of papers and ideas and objectives and more, the solution is achieved if you organize well!

Well, that’s how I was today… exhausted!

But let me to tell you, I’m tired but happy!
Yes, I managed to organize myself, do everything, separate here, put here and do this here… well I finished it!

Now, it’s late Saturday.
My husband looks at me, my cat looks at me… and I with a cup of coffee in hand just look at the world, because I’m already organized now and this next week I’m going out to fight for my dreams and desires to come true x

Well today I start my weekend, I want to finish reading my books (Christmas gifts) and I just want to relax x

I don’t want to think anymore about everything I did, just I want relax and enjoy this weekend… it’s just started for me now x

I wish you a harmonious weekend, enjoy those moments that are free and that are infinite, that is, share with those you love, your families, your pets… and with yourselves x


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