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Today I will share information about what Hypothermia is, its effects, consequences and some solutions to avoid or help in case of help.

Hypothermia is dangerously low body temperature, below 95°F (35°C).
What is hypothermia?

Is caused by prolonged exposures to very cold temperatures. When exposed to cold temperatures, your body begins to lose heat faster than it’s produced. Lengthy exposures will eventually use up your body’s stored energy, which leads to lower body temperature. The signs and symptoms of the three different stages of hypothermia are: First stage: shivering, reduced circulation; Second stage: slow, weak pulse, slowed breathing, lack of co-ordination, irritability, confusion and sleepy behaviour; Advanced stage: slow, weak or absent respiration and pulse.

Signs and symptoms of hypothermia include:
Slurred speech or mumbling
Slow, shallow breathing
Weak pulse
Clumsiness or lack of coordination
Drowsiness or very low energy
Confusion or memory loss
Loss of consciousness

How to treat Hypothermia?

What drinks or food can I give someone who has hypothermia?
You can give them warm drinks such as soup or hot chocolate, or energy-rich foods like chocolate. Do not give them alcohol.

How to increase body temperature?

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