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Mr Leone super relaxed

My beloved Ginger cat, at 13 years old sometimes forgets that he is old to feel like a little cat.

Leone always has an independent, liberal, bad-tempered, extremely curious and gossipy character… but in anyway is something good, he shouts “MEOW!” It is when I forget to change his water, fresh food, door or windows open, if something cooks and burns, if someone enters or if a bird or other animal is looking through the window ….. that is, all these years together I have known how to value my dear leone, although I know that must adapt to the idea that one day he will return to his little star of Orion, he is no more longer a little boy.

But, well, here are some photos, although if he has a face like a few friends, I can tell you that he does not like affection or pampering, he does not like being held too much, he does not like to wear flea collars or coats, he has many beds where he does not knows sometimes where hides in his privacy, he likes to hunt and spy on his little birds, he loves his toys and whoever touches him will receive a loud “MEOW!
He only eats chicken and vegetables, no beef or fish in his food.
He loves pate and sometimes mortadella and Parmiggiano cheese, he likes to smell food and look at it, is very curious, any sound there is present (he forgets it’s a cat!), but his eyes say a lot, he is very expressive… and is loved by many x

mr leone


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