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Hi friends!

This weekend and the beginning of this week was full time to me doing many things for the house, shopping, medicines, and more … I went back to sitting yesterday in my work corner (which I think is ready to start again and if I have to improve something I will do it in the following week), we must remember that it is not necessary for the work table to be “perfect” we can also work from a simple table, the important thing is the light and the video recording, the image clearly like audio. I know that many would like to start their own channels and are ashamed or shy to do it from a humble or simple work table, so do not be depressed by your own fears, remember people want to see your work, learn or relax watching your tutorial, this is.

In this part of the world we have been with continuous heavy rains, high winds and a lot of fog, today is a blessed Saturday with an autumn sun at 15 degrees, and we thank God for his blessings!

Yesterday, I restarted the video tutorial and the internet was very slowly, I had to delete sequences of the video that was frozen the image, as well as not advancing or the audio was deeply pause. I put a lot of my patience in this but, in the end I managed to make the video. Today I will be editing it and sharing it on my YouTube channel, I hope!

In anyway, I must tell you that with what happened to me yesterday (I wasted almost the whole day trying it!), well I think I’m going to “combine tutorials” some with videos and others with images (photos) on my web page, I hope you understand me, it’s a way out to not waste time and to do things faster as well as to be able to “share more” without having to despair in anxiety … As it happened to me yesterday.
Let’s take things lightly (that is, let’s not make a drama or fall into depression please), look for the way out evrery obstacle, this is just only life, I know is not easy and that is how we learn to value it!

Well, now that I’m online again, have to share some news with you!

This 2022 is a new world, everything has changed on the Internet, rules, permissions, privacy, the famous cookies, online payments, shipping prices, etc. To all this is added the new prices of internet, electricity, materials, and life. We have a whirlpool in our heads, but not to give up and just move on, I am very optimistic even with so many obstacles in my way, I do not let myself be defeated and I show a big smile to life because my faith and optimism are more stronger.

I wish could do everything and so on, but I can’t!

First, because it absorbs a lot of my personal and family time, and we must live, share with our family and partner and with ourselves, so I have organized what can do and what cannot do.

It hurts in my artistic soul, but it is the new World 2022 to which we must follow this rhythm (where everything changes at any moment and we must be prepared to not lose our illusions).

That is, on my YouTube Channel I will dedicate myself to making “live show videos of Diy Crafts Tutorials“, such as Audio Books by Authors like mine“, and “Mr Leone sequences.

I will continue to do my recipes, blog, ideas and tips for myself on my “Website“.

I have created my “Online Store” where I will sell my “projects made by my YouTube channel“, the “complete kits” (Free Patterns, Materials and a touch of fantasy), my Books and Tales (I will make a system so you can download it), “materials” for crafts, “Books/Stories” by other Authors, “Peruvian products” made of alpaca or llama wool (not very heavy so that it can be shipped internationally cheaper), as well “antiques“. Remember that I am starting this new challenge so will not have many things for sale at the beginning (I am not have a business or big commerce, I am not present at fairs or activities), just I will explain this to you so that you can understand my situation.

Our beloved hobby used to be an art that was didn’t cost so much and we could have it without investing so much, but today in this new World things have changed so much (it seems that someone realized that we can produce money or we can pay to keep on our hobby as a job), so today prices are high and we artisan artists must “invest” that is, we needed pay if we want to continue with our beloved hobby.

For this reason I make available many ways in which you can collaborate with me, that is “in the purchase of a work done, a kit, a book, etc.“, you can also collaborate without buying, that is, you can “give me a coffee” where you can donate to me to buy a virtual coffee for 1 coin, you can also collaborate with me without investing, without buying and without donating to me, that is, with your “subscription, comment, watch my video, share it in your group” you are collaborating. As well as seeing the “commercial ads” displayed on my website, you are also collaborating with me (just as you can with another artist artisan), thank you very much for understanding!

Thank you for being here and for appreciating what I share with you x


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