Welcome September

Goodbye August thank you …. Welcome September we hope it is full of optimism, dreams, desires and courage x


The word “September” has its origin in the Latin “septum“, which means “seven”, something curious to name the ninth month. The reason is that in ancient times March was the first month and September the seventh. When January and February were added it was moved to ninth place, but kept its name.
The zodiac signs that are born during the month are Virgo and Libra. The former governs the vast majority of the month, making us more analytical and practical. Virgo likes to be an observer and strategist, so astrologers say that during his ruler ship it is time to re-evaluate our goals and make a plan to meet them. From September 9 to October 2, we will have Mercury Retrograde in Libra, giving us opportunities to review the proposals, contracts and agreements that we have reached in recent weeks and see how committed we remain to that. On September 10 we will have the full moon in Pisces, marking a peak of synchronicities, sensitivity, the need to connect with the spiritual and create new works or projects. It will also mark a time when pregnancies are announced. Pay attention to what was happening around March 2, when the new moon was in Pisces, the beginning of the lunar cycle, which ends on September 10.
On the other hand, Libra is characterized by its balanced vibes, which will be felt in the cosmos during the last days of the month. His thought is fair, deep and values ​​the beauty of the world. The influence that he will exert on us will make us follow the right path and tie ourselves to our values ​​to achieve our goals.
Numerological, September has the energies of 9, a number that helps us to clarify our affairs, get rid of people or things that we do not need, and grow from within. To take advantage of the energy of the month, he recommended being brave in the face of change, being firm in our decisions to overcome blockages and developing ideas with a view to the future. Likewise, September is ideal to replace the old with the new to improve, whether this means people, memories, feelings or things for you. From the point of view of numerology, September is a mystical and magical month. Not only is it influenced by the energies of the autumnal equinox, which occurs on September 22nd, it is a cosmically relevant period as it possesses the vibrations of the number 9.


Autumnal Equinox
In the Northern Hemisphere the autumnal equinox falls about September 22 or 23, as the Sun crosses the celestial equator going south. In the Southern Hemisphere the equinox occurs on March 20 or 21, when the Sun moves north across the celestial equator.
The September equinox is the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator an imaginary line in the sky above Earth’s equator from north to south. This happens on September 22, 23, or 24 in most years.

What are equinoxes? What causes these astronomical events? Find out how they influence the seasons and hours of daylight on each planet. Every six months, once in March and again in September, an equinox splits Earth’s day almost in half, giving us about 12 hours of daylight and 12 of night. At a deeper spiritual level, according to the Conscious Reminder Blog, the equinox is thought to represent: “the period of struggle between darkness and light, death and life. It occurs when the night and day will be equal, and the journey of the Sun to actually get there also signifies the journey of the Universe.

What does the fall equinox mean in astrology?
In astrological terms, the fall equinox marks the moment when the sun moves into the sign of Libra. “In astrology, the spring equinox is the new year, and the fall equinox is a midway point. It is a moment when the energy radically shifts to take us into the next season,” explains astrologer Emily Ridout.

Can the equinox affect mood?
These symptoms lessen by the arrival of the vernal equinox, i.e. Spring, and are often gone by the beginning of summer. The mood replacing SAD, or the Winter blues, almost seems like mania-lite. Long hours of sleep are replaced by earlier awakenings and energy replaces lethargy. What happens during the equinox?
There are only two times of the year when the Earth’s axis is tilted neither toward nor away from the sun, resulting in a “nearly” equal amount of daylight and darkness at all latitudes. These events are referred to as Equinoxes.

What is equinox energy?
With the Spring Equinox your spirit is waking up with new ideas & new dreams for your life. It’s fresh, warm energy has the power to make you feel alive & inspired. The inspiring Spring Equinox energy is encouraging you to be reborn. Embrace this new beginning.

Who celebrates solstice?
Since ancient times, people all over the world have recognized this important astronomical occurrence and celebrated the subsequent “return” of the Sun in a variety of different ways. Old solstice traditions have influenced holidays we celebrate now, such as Christmas and Hanukkah.

2022 September equinox: All you need to know

The autumnal equinox occurs in September each year, and in the northern hemisphere the date marks the end of summer and beginning of autumn. In 2022 the autumnal equinox will occur on 23 September at 1:04am GMT (2:04am BST).
The Earth is tilted on its axis, meaning that as it orbits the Sun, the Sun illuminates the northern or southern hemisphere more depending on where the Earth is along its orbit.

September Fall and Spring Equinox 2022: Spiritual Meaning and Ritual
The word equinox is derived from Latin meaning “equal night,” referring to the roughly 12-hour day and 12-hour night that occurs only on the two equinox days of each year.
This day represents the balance of light and dark, day and night, outward and inward, and marks a coming together point in the Earths cycles before she shifts directions.


But, let’s not forget that in this part we enter in autumn, and in the other part of the World they enter in spring


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