Let’s talk about Calm

What better thing to do is start a good weekend with lot of calm and harmony x
But, it is not easy to get it with so much news and negativity everywhere you listen or look, so don’t fall into anxiety, sadness or depression, please control and balance it!
Here are some guidelines to keep your calm and harmony… Enjoy your weekend x


What things generate calm?
Meditation and muscle relaxation techniques help us keep our mind calm at the moment when we have the sensation that everything is revolutionized. In addition, meditating also regulates our neurotransmitters and allows us to distance ourselves from what worries us.

Stay calm in any situation:
-Identify warning signs
-Breathe and count to 10
-Distance yourself for a moment from the situation
-Disconnect your brain, think about something else
-Analyse your situation objectively
-Taking care of your diet can help you control your nerves

How can you stay calm in a difficult moment?
To stay calm in difficult situations, physical exercise can be very helpful. Move, activate your body in any way. Taking a walk or going for a run are good ways to disconnect from problems, release energy and keep your mind clear of negative emotions and thoughts.

How does calm manifest itself in the body?
Calm is the peace of mind, the emotional strength of the subject that is not affected in a negative way by external circumstances. Having the ability to remain calm in times of difficulty, to maintain serenity in order to be able to think calmly, is an excellent EMOTIONAL ABILITY.

Small life decisions that will help you live longer:
-Identify when your brain is wrong
-Give kisses and hugs
-Do exercise
-Affirm your own values
-Turns anxiety into excitement
-Design a “time to worry”
-Write down what bothers you
-Stop worrying about your health

Habits to live calmer:
-Eat in moderation and in a healthy way. HEALTHY NUTRITION. Eating well is essential for a healthy life
-Do exercise. DO EXERCISE. Physical activity is beneficial for body and mind
-To rest well. GOOD REST
-Yoga and meditation. YOGA
-Listen to music, sing and dance

What is serenity examples?
Applied to the human being, the concept of serenity is usually associated with a person’s ability to act rationally and calmly at all times. The subject who is serene, in this way, does not get carried away by impulses or emotions.

Why do you suffer from nerves?
Stress is often the source of nervousness. There was or still is something that creates a lot of stress for them and they often have the impression of not knowing how to deal with it. As we have already mentioned, you may even be nervous about something that stresses you and still be nervous once the cause is gone.

How do I know if I have anxiety or stress?
-Feeling nervous, agitated or tense
-Sense of imminent danger, panic or catastrophe
-Increased heart rate
-Rapid breathing (hyperventilation)
-Feeling weak or tired
-Problems concentrating or thinking about something other than the current concern

What part of the body is affected by stress?
The muscles. Muscle tension from stress can cause headaches, back and shoulder pain, and body aches.

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