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Just a harmonious weekend

We are July 15, days go by fast, instants, moments, occasions and opportunities, the saddest thing is that yesterday does not return more and waste time too….

Every day we see young people and adults electrified and anxious, with wild eyes or in a bad mood because they can’t easily get what they see in the commercial or magazine or TV. They get depressed imagining it is the worst thing that can happen to them. Some work overtime, others prefer to be away from home, others go in search of how to achieve that what they want for…
While others go calmly with their lives, take a deeply breath and accept what they have today, because to tell the truth, tomorrow is uncertain and uncertain that will happen. Time is wasted to planning the future, when we have a lovely present to live it and enjoy it, that’s it!

We have so much to enjoy around us, maybe learn a new tasty recipe and enjoy it with our family or with your partner, maybe want listen to an audio book or your favourite music and relax with the breeze of fresh air, maybe want to finish reading this book that’s in the middle of the emotion, maybe want to share a pleasant chat with your family or friends share joyful emotions and ideas that make many smiles.

Maybe want to connect with the nature and its animals, admire the landscape and enjoy the scent of fresh grass!
Maybe have time to finish decorating that angle in your bedroom or house, that makes you feel in harmony when you are at home.
Maybe you want to eat something delicious this weekend!

Maybe want to sleep a little more to recharge your energies, or watch that soap opera that you couldn’t watch during the week, or hug your partner or family, talk and share so much love, or maybe have time to sew that curtain that broke or decorate your blue jeans, start a new hobby, bring some love to your self (care your self image, massage your body, paint your nails, etc.).

If you could see all the wonder that you have around you, just wouldn’t get bored and even less depressed, because many of all these things don’t cost much and you have it around you!

Enjoy yours loves ones while there is life, yesterday not come back anymore

Just a harmonious weekend x


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