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At bad times, good face

After the Jubilee Celebration, a very happy and commemorative long weekend, now it’s time to start my work and ideas, so I got to work, but my Netbook reached its final cycle (after many years accompanying me), now I only use the Tablet and for now, the Computer of Keith x
It has taken some time to move my files and put others on USB Keys, well extra time….

Although I haven’t moved yet, everything is a big mess in the house (bags, boxes and plastic storages in quantity everywhere), but always looking for an angle from which transmit harmony and joy, this is a very essential point for those of us who make art, we need to deal with harmony.

I’m practicing my web cam and other actions with Keith’s computer (everything was different with my netbook), so I’m looking for a space where I can do my Audio Tales and some Diy Tutorials.

My apologize if my work angle is not fixed or nice decoration, but you know the reason, and I infinitely appreciate your support and follow me x

Mr Leone is also ready for some videos, although he is a little upset, his other beds and toys are in bags ready for the next move, and just have his friend CU CU and his 2 little mice are, Mr Leone look at that no one touches them, because he say loudly MEOOW!

Have a happy and harmonious weekend, enjoy your time with yourselves, with your loved ones, raise a prayer to your loved ones who are in Heaven, and distract the mind while remaining alert always x


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