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What happened with our hopes?

Good morning to everyone x
Every day that dawns is a lovely blessing, as the day that has passed is a blessing too. Today life seems more fragile and shortly, we should not waste opportunities but, be cautious and maintain your balance, perhaps it is a positive point for us.

When we were in Quarantine, united with our Family or with just ourselves, many of us began to see life, things and think very differently. In reality it was not different, but we began to see things more deeply and less superficially (as we were used), many began to cooking tasty dishes at home and have lovely dinner all together (something that was not normal in the real life), the dialogue between everyone, laughed a lot and always tried not to fall into sadness or depression, controlled our cravings better, and the bond of love and friendship so deepened.
But, since those doors opened again, nothing is like before

It is about returning to our previous rhythm, we want to do what we doing to do and for many it is chaos, sadness, nerves and a lot of anxiety… breaking hopes and falling into darkness.

But, the hopes are always there, they have not moved.
We are the ones who enter into a chaos of pessimism, anxiety and despair, we react with bad humour and have little patience, mean everything we lived through when we were in quarantine was forgotten for many!

When we were locked up we had more hope than today that we are free. Many fall into despair for not being able to buy a high-priced object or style life, others despair because the materials cost a lot and they should change the rubric of his work or business, others are always upset with everything but, nobody talks about hopes.

We were blind and foolish again!
When the star of hope is always in front of us.

Every sacrifice results in a pleasant life experience, easy life results enormous frustration of not being able to be who you wanted to be. Just relax and keep on your hopes!

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