Love or Domination?

A one phrase says “Faces we see, hearts we do not know“.
In this case I could say “We see the house, but we do not know what is happening inside it”.

The case of actor J Deep has opened a door of hope for many men who suffer in silence “family violence“, that is, in many cases it is not only physical violence, but also verbal, psychopath and horrible chaos means ending that Honeymoon to start his worst nightmare for many, because not only Women suffer from Domestic Violence but also Men.

If we count the cases where many men must live in a relationship without love, because they want to be with their young children.
How many men are taken away the freedom to be with their children after a divorce or separation? How many are put in jail for the simple fact of wanting to see their children even if the law prevents them? How many parents are taken away from their feelings when their children are blackmailed or whitewashed against their father, by a jealous mother or who never forgave this man who decided not to live with her anymore. How many men are denounced for food and money just to want to blackmail or get what they want. How many men agree to marry because she got pregnant? How many men suffer in silence the screams and contempt of that Woman who thought she loved him? Even more so when they become old and clumsy it is even more so that domestic violence grows for both men and women.
Today not only women suffer, but also men.

Everything starts, from that moment where we think we are in love, when we see a special being but we do not know if it is really special?
Many Couples don’t know that they were wrong, after a time of living together or being a couple. Reasons of excessive jealousy, of their domination in absorbing all your time and desires, or to impose what you eat and what TV program you should watch, how you should talk and to whom you should talk, to limit your friends and family and more, that is when the nightmare begins if you are not able to walk away or express your displeasure.
Many still think that because are a couple and must accept everything to suffer pulling a relationship, because that society does mark us as divorced, separated or single is bad!
Many times you think about “what others say about you” more than “am I really happy with my partner?“, if you don’t have the courage to make you respect, you will be trampled until crumble into pieces that you won’t be able to put together anymore.
So that’s when the question is “love or domination“?

All of us are so different from others, even in the way we love and react. Many astute Men as Women know what “prey” to catch in their webs of emotional lies and then become “their favourite slave“.
Sometimes, we are not looking around us at those who observe us with the aim of “catch us and put us in a cage“, because many of us believe in love, and we think that there is no domination when you love, but we are wrong, because “those” don’t know how to love, they only know how to catch someone.

Today, many are breaking down social barriers, accepting to live in their own “single life” that is, maintaining a relationship at a distance without responsibilities. Many say they are “single and free” but maintain a relationship which is not an obligation, nor are there paper laws that require something more. Others are completely single and do not want to be in a relationship with anyone. They are single and independent parents.
This is not easy for the society in which we live, but it is also against men if they see him living single.
Should society tell us how to live and we think?

There are many who silently “pull with a toxic relationship” and others are about to decide to end that relationship that ceased to be a relationship, and others face lawsuits, threats, insults and others for having decided to definitively break that toxic relationship, and some died in the attempt….

In the past, voting, wearing pants, being a writer or working was a non-right for women, which groups came out to confront the machismo of society, which was won by putting women almost at the level of men.
Today in our Modernity there are the “ultras feminists” who seem to hate men and support Lesbianism, that is, extremes are always problematic in anyway.

Children are the fruit of love, but sometimes they become “blackmailed“, to keep the couple together or to avoid a divorce or separation.
In other cases, having many children is to “tie” and it is difficult to conclude with goals, desires and decisions…

Sometimes, you want to talk about this personal problem to friends, family, but you think that can worry others, so many look for “help groups” and latter is very good, because there is a psychologist who can help many in making the decision to love themselves more.
In other cases, sometimes this problem is mentioned to friends “who laugh, mock or gossip about your problem“.

I can simply tell you not to be intimidated or belittled by someone you love, be strong and firm in your decisions and not fall into aggressiveness or reply with the same violence, look for someone who can help you and should not worry about what the society will say later, remember first is your peace and harmony, above all!

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