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Long Weekend

Yesterday I woke up thinking it was Friday, and that is because we have a long day of Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen ✨ and this show began yesterday so early, what make me thinking is Friday. Well, is a beautiful distraction that many of us are start appreciating.
And today sure, is Friday!

After so many things that happened yesterday, and it seemed like a Friday to me 😂✌

Some have organized themselves to be with Family, Friends or, in their Homes (as we decided), we have prepared a homemade buffet as well as food and drinks for this long weekend (because Monday is Holiday too) , some bought everything prepared, others delivery service and others cooking at home (like us).

The weather is so varied here, a strong sun rises at 14 degrees, then from 1pm it drops to 10 degrees, hiding the sun’s rays and only illuminating, starting at 5 pm the high winds begin and cold that we drop to 5 degrees .
I hope that by your side the weather is more better? 👍
In Peru, snow will fall in many areas (it is not common), and many animals are dying from frost, just as children suffer from the cold. In Lima my Mother like my Family suffer of terrible could (10 degree never ever happened there), now use many warm clothes and sleep more because out there is could ☕❄

Others here, are preparing Pies, Biscuits or Cakes to share with their Family or Neighbours, this Jubilee party many share it!
Although cooking is a great challenge for many, they know that what is done at home is made with love ❤ besides being very tasty!

Well, as you have decided to spend your weekend, enjoy it calmly and in great harmony, these are times when you no longer run against time but just to enjoy more this short time of life, which is not longer than before, now that it is surprising shortly life.

My father had so many desires, he maintained his Piano Musical Groups, Zarzuela as well as accompanying his music in the Churches, because he love play Piano all his life. The Pandemic made him take a big break in his life and longings, then came the 3 doses that did not go as expected, and one day he did not wake up anymore, that is, he died in his sleep, this 31st past we remember his 2 month of his journey to the Kingdom of God ✨🙏✨ Don’t forgot all your Loves Ones what now live with God x

Well, enjoy this time, with yourself, with your family, with your friends or virtual chats with those who live far away, whether it is cold or a lot of sun, enjoy this blessing that today’s life means ✨

Don’t waste time in bad mood, seeking revenge, hating or cursing, you only waste time and remember that Karma always returns to you again everything.
Let Karma do its work for those people, because no one has won God and Divine Justice.
Transform your moment of life as a huge moment to dream, yearn, project yourself, think and reflect, smile, share and rest.

Please do not fall into depression, sadness, anxiety or stress.
What you can do is enough in your day, do not try to do more harder where there is no more energy in you, do not get frustrated if you did not manage to do everything planned, do not be bitter with yourself, just count your blessings and take more care of this life that has become so fragile.
It is not true that others are more blessed than you, remember what you have, others do not have, it is the balance of life.
Enjoy your weekend x

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