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Changes is required

Hello, today it dawned here with high and strong winds. Then came a ray of sunlight but it doesn’t heat, it just lights up. Maybe the high winds will return later. Sunlight is always a blessing.

Enjoy those who have summer time, although the weather has changed a lot in recent months. Autumn in the part of South America is very cold, in the part of the coast where my mother and family live, they tell me it is very cold and reaching 9 degrees is not common there.

This week I have been very busy with many things to do, I have had more time (my husband was so harmonious, I think the painkillers help a little), with all the things in boxes and bags ready for the next move, so I divided the things that we will take to the new house, and other things that we will not use, these last ones I have decided to do an online garage sale, well I have prepared “packs” to combining objects that can attract attention and at an deal price!

I’ll be able to earn some coins and not have items at home that I don’t need, plus I’ve attached it to crafts made.

With this move, I want to tell you that I have reviewed again my work materials, and I have had more time to “divide them by material and for their use“, that is, where I currently live, the kind of crafts that I did in Italy, here does not call attention and cannot sales it, now I started doing a hard marketing that helped me understand what I “must change my kind work style” and, what could be sold most here. So I have prepared everything for Scrapbooking, felt crafts, small stuffed dolls, ceramic (small pieces).

To all this, on my YouTube Channel I will show videos of easy creations, mini videos of Mr Leone and the Audio Books.

Some things are not my normal line, but some changes are required in this 2022, in addition to all this, the prices cannot be very luxurious.

Well let’s see how it goes!

I think that if had more arms, I would do more things. So with these 2 arms is all okay, because at the end of the day have my batteries at 25%.

Do not be discouraged, be optimistic even if things seem to come against you.
It is not easy for many, today the materials have risen in price and you must look for cheap materials so as not to exceed the prices and even more, the presentation will be good.
Today many have changed their business lines, some have stopped making and cooking, others no more video tutorials and make tourism videos, others yoga, online courses, etc.

Never stop dreaming, even if you have to make some changes in order to reach the star of happiness x

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