The Symptoms produced by the current Modernity

The Symptoms produced by the current Modernity life 😳 Anxiety, depression and pessimism.

If you would take just a few moments to sit on one benches in the park or on the avenue, you could appreciate our current modern society moving electrically from here to there. Some wave their hands frantically wanting to win the taxi, others walk quickly pushing each other to reach the subway entrance, others walk like zombies without being able to feel the aroma of the truck that sells tasty sandwiches, others talk on their cell phones or send messages concentrated in their entirety as if they lived in another dimension, others look at the windows of nice boutique where sells clothes, makeup and the latest “modern” style are displayed and calculate how much more must work to buy some of these objects, they walk looking at each others and those who do not dress in modern style is like looking at someone outside this modern world, they all use the same style, colour and models, they live so frenetically that they do not have time to greet their elderly parents or that elderly relative who sent their greeting, doesn’t have time to chat with his parents and have a coffee time together, spends most of his hours working and comes home tired and just thinking about how to do more money, because everything what they buy is not enough, want more to be in the modern style of this image that modernity promotes on tv or panels ads.
Don’t have time to cook or clean or talk, the most faster everything is better for them, is the modern life … that is, don’t have time to take a breath to avoid feeling this!

Sitting on the couch and chatting is waste of time, because should be making more money and be at the level of all the modern examples that are promoted on TV, in movies and commercials panels.
Get bored with the idea of ​​visiting elderly parents who talk slow, walk slow and cook at home. It is a nightmare for many because it is thought to be “wasting time“.
Every day wake up wanting to do more and more money, don’t have time for the family, for partner or for pet!
World problems are not something to think about, we only think that we should change a new car model, a new watch, buy a new fashion model and go on vacation where everyone goes or we are promoted by TV commercials.
We eat what is called “modernity food” and we don’t even know what it contains as ingredients!
Silicones on the face and body is modernity, even if they deform your body, just think it’s sexy!
Speak the same words of chic sentences what say this modern artists, dress the same, and think you will be the same as that image promoted on TV!
Treat your children or your partner, like modern chic people on TV treat them, now you feel you are at their level… and think you are same same them!

The high point of depression, anxiety and pessimism has reached so high that many lose their own strength to falling into personal destruction through drugs, alcohol or committing suicide for not being able to “maintain their modern chic electrical status“.
They speak as fast as they think and act, they think that if they take 1 minute of their life it is like losing 1 day of their life!

What happened to our lives?
Are we no longer “owners of ourselves“?
We have let “they move us on their way” influencing how we should think, act, react and even more to choose our lives directing everything their way!
But this does not bring us happiness but rather a very high depression in many who cannot keep up that pace or many feel frustrated with themselves for not following the modern frenetic pace that is imposed on us today…..

They are unable to “stop their life and time” and say NO to this robotic frenzy, in order to choose harmony, calm, peace, happiness and lots of smiles!
They are unable to taste something delicious cooked at home and eat it calmly!
They are unable to take fresh air in the nature, because they prefer to be locked in the office working more and more!
They are unable to give and offer, because they can’t even do it with themselves!
They are unable to look through that window at the beautiful World and wish to enjoy it ….

Take it easy!
Take your time, if you can’t do more for today don’t get frustrated, be happy, live your minutes intense but not frantic.
Enjoy something delicious and eat it calmly in home with yours.
Enjoy nature and your family any time.
Enjoy your only 1 life because you don’t come back anymore!
Leave behind that frenetic modern life that you will never be like that artist promoted by commercials or tv!
Open your eyes, open your soul and open your heart… You are alive, you are not a modern robot!

Please be happy with all what you have now.

The Symptoms produced by the current Modernity
Anxiety, depression and pessimism.

Do not continue in this modernity game, do not follow the game of them, be yourself, take care of your family, take care of your dreams and desires, but without stopping living in harmony, calm and peace.

Remember, we do not take material things with us to our grave, but we do take the good memories lived


amadriadi celia bailes © All Right Reserved. Copyright Protect My Work Limited


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