Emerald ✨ The representative stone of May is the Emerald.
For people who were born in the month of May, their birthstone is the Emerald. This gem is within the category of the four precious stones that exist in the World.

There is a great variety of crystals in the World, each one offers a different benefit, according to its vibration.
The Emerald, specifically, is a crystal of love, compassion, healing, and abundance; This crystal is very important to work the heart chakra and helps, in therapy, to remove blockages and fears, attract patience. In sentimental relationships it is known as the stone of success, as it brings joy and loyalty, in addition to promoting unity, fostering friendship and balance.
Each crystal vibrates in a specific way in resonance with each of the chakras, and facilitates the removal of blockages, the alignment of these energy centres and the movement of information that is in us. This process not only gives us wonderful elements or data for our awakening, it also gives us a state of inner peace, a deep meditation.
Crystals have been used for millennia to balance and heal. Its healing powers are generated by its high vibration and molecular structure, which is in resonance with ours and leads us to get to know each other and heal physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. They help us align our subtle energies, dissolving disturbances and leading us to the root of problems.

The emerald symbolizes power, immortality and eternal youth, it is associated with success and abundance. The Emerald grows in nature, its color is bright and generates feelings of tranquility and peace, it is used to attract good energy.
Throughout the universe, the Emerald is a stone of wisdom that calms emotions, eliminates negativity, helps generate positive sensations, transmits mental clarity, strengthens memory and broadens our global vision of situations.
Emerald is one of the most valuable gemstones, its deep green color giving it its unique status. It is used in all forms of jewelry and less transparent stones are cut into cabochons. The best known type of Emerald is the green Beryl, it is one of the most precious and valuable varieties. Thanks to its intense tonality, the status of this stone through the years has been important. When this rock appears in a light green tone, it is not called Emerald but green Beryl.

What is emerald root?
It is a crystal of inspiration and infinite patience. Known as the “stone of success in love”, it brings joy and loyalty. It promotes unity, unconditional love and relationship, fosters friendship, maintains balance in a relationship.

Emerald in love?
Emerald is a stone that encourages patience, love and friendship, it is a precious stone that gives success in love.

Metaphysical and Esoteric Properties of the Emerald:
-Attracts prosperity
-Protects against negative energies
-Purifies environments and energy field
-Strengthens and protects personal relationships
-Strengthens our self-healing power
-Increases vitality
-Open paths and attract good luck

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