Blessed Easter Monday

Blessed Easter Monday to everyone ✨🙏✨ The message of Easter is so deeply and full of sacrificial love, which is important to know and remember, it is the same message that he gave at that time where there is no difference to our modernity, the message is always the same and, follows that part of the world who live in that darkness.

Let’s keep our faith, tradition and most importantly, share the true message that Easter brings. Because Easter is not a Bunny that gives a chocolate egg. Easter is not a common holiday, it is a very deeply date that we should not erase from our lives, family and home.

Do not be ashamed to be part of the heavenly light, do not be ashamed to believe in God and be a Christian, do not be ashamed to follow the divine norms and even more so do not be ashamed to live in harmony with God

Our current Societies have used their draft which they call “modernity” to erase History, Traditions, Family Ties, Faith, Religion, Respect, Harmony and Peace…. They have imposed everything inverse, legalizing it with their world groups and organizations where all they think the same, little by little they have limited us and converted all the countries in the world to think, act and speak the same, they have robotized us without realizing it…. Very few are awake, because those who sleep make fun from us about our faith.
Let’s pray for them and for our world, let’s pray for our family and for us, let’s have faith and hope, not fall into hatred but smile because we are blessed to live in heavenly light

These Easter have been celebrated in the World in very low thousandth promotion, for children, for young people and for adults. This 2022 has gone almost unnoticed by the imposition of those who want to erase Easter in its entirety. But the faith of many is the heavenly light that continues to illuminate our faith and traditions in our Family.

Our effort to stay in faith is not easy today in this modernity, but let’s keep going, not give up, not feel being mocked, not fall in darkness, just keep on your faith, light and happiness. God bless us x


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