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Easter Movies

This Easter week on many TV and satellite TV, erotic, horror and thriller programs and films have been seen, more than the spirit of Easter…. I think that the Modern Agenda wants to completely eliminate traditions and religion, they have already imposed their new “theories of genres, history, religion, etc etc” all in their own way and favour…. that is, history was made to be changed to suit their global agenda.
I don’t want to talk about politics or anything that concerns those world elites, it’s just very painful how they want to tear up the truth completely without respect, it seems that we live in a Dictator world where now they tell us what to believe, think, speak, dress, be and choose….

Here I share some Easter films for you, let’s not forget the real message of Easter ✨🙏✨ Observing what that time was like and seeing our current World, many things have not changed at all that are still being pulled even if they wish today to change as something modern or full of bright frost, it still has a dark depth.

Blessed Easter x


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