When our loved ones return to Heaven

You should not regret when you have lost your loved ones, but you should give your time to your loved ones when them is alive, the surprise to return to the Kingdom of God is unexpected and unplanned, remember it….

Losing a loved ones is a very painful and our life is not like before, something was lost in one of us, because we are made of those loved ones, we are particles of them 🙏

There is no excuse in not being able to have provided a phone call, a message of love, a hug, have a pleasant chat and be able to help them in his moments of anguish due to his senile age.

For some Children, who do not live with our Parents and for X reasons we cannot be in their day life, we always present with our prayers, our thoughts and our thought love are always there. Perhaps it is more painful not having been able to hug him and have a coffee together with pleasant talk. This frustration joins sadness and becomes a deeply pain that not many know what it feels like.

Do not waste your time in discussions, distances or indifference, because our loved ones today are weaker than in the past, do not allow your job, new family or social life to separate to your loved ones, because you can not return the lost time…

Whoever has their loved ones alive is a huge earthly blessing, and those of us who have them in the Glory of God is a heavenly blessing

amadriadi celia bailes © All Right Reserved. Copyright Protect My Work Limited


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