Decision turns to disappointment

Perhaps for our Parents it is very easy to make a old or emotional decisions, but for us children are emotional disappointments it, that we cannot express and that are not respected by our Parents….

Being born in a Home full of love and harmony is an enormous blessing for us Children. But not all Homes have a perfect ending, for X reasons some Parents decide to go their own way or argue among themselves or want to dominate one another, they always make the decision of everything but we, the Children, feel in the middle of it. that emotional whirlwind… The most painful thing is when we are asked “with whom do we want to be” and, for us Children love our Parents in the same way, we do not love one more than the other, and this is a big confusion and sadness what very few parents can observe in that moment of lawsuit between them…..

Perhaps our silence makes the mess between the Parents burn even more, and it is that they cannot understand the feeling of a child.
Quarrels between parents should not be meddled with children.
A phrase that very few will understand, because at that time, children are like “merchandise” to get something else or hurt the other.
But do our Parents think they can hurt us?
Or do they hurt us knowing that it hurts us too?

In the end, the decision that our Parents make, they will not think of us the Children, they will smile and follow their chosen path…. while we the children, remain in the middle of a loneliness, confusion and sadness that not even is overcome.

We Children are not merchandise, we are not decorations of the house, we are not the pet nor are we a dagger to hurt the other….. If you are not prepared to be a Father or Mother, I recommend you not to bring a child into the world, please.
We children do not ask to be born, we just ask to be loved

amadriadi celia bailes © All Right Reserved. Copyright Protect My Work Limited


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