Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday ✨🙏✨ Our World have a big movement, and the sad War, that many eyes are riveted on this news. I hope you do not forget these important dates that Holy Week brings us, it is more when we must have our strong Faith and our Prayers strong. I wish all of you a blessed Easter, God bless us

What do the Palm Branches mean?
In the Christian tradition, palm branches represent the symbol of the renewal of faith in God, as well as the life and resurrection of Christ.
Easter is the central festival of Christianity in which the resurrection of Jesus Christ is commemorated and marks the end of Holy Week.
There is also the tradition of giving chocolate eggs and rabbits on this day.

Palm Sunday, the faithful commemorate the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem and the acclamation of him as the son of God. The date also marks the end of Lent and the beginning of Holy Week. The entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, acclaimed by the entire crowd that gathered there and who was known as the Messiah, was received with olive and palm branches.

The wax palm, which grows in tropical climates and whose growing, harvesting and processing process can last around a year, is commonly used throughout the world.

April 10, Palm Sunday
April 11, Holy Monday
April 12, Holy Tuesday
April 13, Holy Wednesday
April 14, Holy Thursday
April 15, Good Friday
April 16, Holy Saturday
April 17, Easter Sunday




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