Our lives with this Pandemic has become a list of “unexpected surprises“.

This week started quickly and I was very involved in fixing the edition of my tales (the editor changed everything without warning, the payment is now monthly and everything is with price), so it was time to move and find another more friendly editor.
It took me time “this surprising attitude” but, I had to do it. I was involved in this, until I found it and I was dedicating my extra time for this….

I was stuck in my problem, forgetting about time….
When I had arrived Wednesday, woke up early that day when, I received “unexpected and painful news“, my father had died at 4 am ……… My heart in a thousand pieces, so far from being able to be there, look through the window and the snow began to fall ….. so snow fell for 2 days, it is said that it is the touch of the Angel ✨🙏✨ God bless my Father RIVO and may his soul reach the Celestial Kingdom ✨ Today he is one more star, like so many loved ones who became little stars this week ❤

Losing a loved one unexpectedly is an experience that is not easy to balance at the time, your heart breaks into a thousand pieces and sadness invades your mind…. But, there comes a time when you can reflect, and you know that life today is shorter than normal.

Many loved ones are leaving the World of the Living for different reasons and many are cases of doses that cause many cases to come forward that end in tragedy.
Today there is no age to die, neither time nor moment, today death is unexpected.

Well, it is time to lift our souls and help our loved ones to fly towards the light, in order to return to the Kingdom of God, let us help the heavenly Angels so that they can do their work of light. It is time to forgive and let our loved ones not feel conflicted or sad but can make the decision to go towards the light with confidence ✨🙌✨

Those who have their loved ones alive, take care of them and be happy in harmony.
Do not argue or make problems, do not be bitter and have patience for everything, be calm and enjoy your time with your loved ones a lot. Because today, it is not known if we will wake up or how long we will have life.
Just live today with harmony, peace, love and lots of smiles. God will do his work of blessing for both.

Something has to happen, to be able to value our loved ones” amadriadi


amadriadi celia bailes © All Right Reserved. Copyright Protect My Work Limited

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