Harmonious Sunday

Hello my Friends,
Have a blessed Sunday, recharge your positive energies for a harmonious start to the week. God bless us ✨🙏✨
I want to express my apologies, for the silence this whole week (I haven’t created any tutorials for my YouTube channel, no hobby’s tutorials, no audio books, and it seemed to be gone!), I’m really was into solving problems had with my Book Editor (it can happen, a lot of things are changing this 2022), I recommend you always review your online programs so as not to lose files, programs and jobs, I know that now many of us are working from home, because previously many online programs were mostly free and without much problem to use them, now they have become more demanding, they have raised their rates (no longer annual but weekly or monthly), they also charge the tax rate and more.
Well, I’ve had to change editors and programs (it took me extra time), but I managed to find my place and now feel comfortable working with my Tales as Books, as well as the online Illustration editor program.
I would like to have the necessary time to dedicate myself to everything that I have in my mind and soul, but the “Women” most of us, in addition to our own work, have the responsibility at home (cleaning, cooking, organization, saving, etc), Some women work outside the home and take “free” time to organize and make their hobby or other craft or artistic work a reality.
My message to all of you is always one of optimism, courage and a lot of heavenly light ✨🌷✨ Even with stones, pebbles or rocks in our way, please go ahead with your wishes and thoughts, we are not perfect women or with special powers, we are women with soul and heart, we also cry and not because we are weak but because we suffer not being loved or valued as we wish, the most important thing REMEMBER WOMAN to VALUE yourself always ✨
hugs x


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