Dominant Partner is Love?

Many times we see couples walking cuddle in love, smiling and spreading harmony around them, but we also see couples in silence, walk fast and “hold hands” with force (like someone who guides a child), we also see that only ” one of the couple” is the who speaks/decides/opinions and comments, leaving his partner in silent (and can have a violent reaction if he/ she speaks), we also observe couples where “one” is the who makes mock jokes to decreases his partner in front of everyone, smiling so that others smile too and belittle him too, we see couples where “he is the virile male” and submissive his wife with rude and sexual words in private as in front of others, we see couples that when they go to a restaurant “is only one who asks for the menu and chooses what to eat“, we see that only “one chooses to go or not go to an activity” and also, we see how “one” of the couple decreases the personal progress of the another (filling it with goals, work and responsibilities at home), without leaving time to study, or make his personal desire come true, we see how man calls himself modern but at home is the only one who speaks/ thinks/ decides/ does and undoes… To all this, do you think this is love?

The power structure in the couple is reflected in the relationships of dominance, which can be easily recognized how the conflicts that appear in a couple are managed day by day and resolved.
A relationship with a dominant person, the authoritarian person will feel superior to others as in his Partner, for what he believes is better, in everything he has better criteria than everyone and simply knows what is best for everyone including his Partner, it does not give a space for different points of view, it exercises control over household goods, managing them and consolidating its authority, choosing what to eat/look at/appreciate/read/think/speak and communicate. He protects without control and balances the members of his family as well as his Partner (becoming suffocated with his calls/messages/visits and always being a shadow behind his children and Partner), but it is not only this, but also in what ” sexual“, they impose and have a dominant role in reproductive decisions, moments of sex and how they want sex. Many times he does it without the consent of his partner, this being the way to dominate and make him feel underestimated and diminished, just as he always does with his dominant attitude, where he mocks the thought / comment / idea / desire and desires of his Partner, because the dominant only wants to diminish the other in everything.

To change a dominant attitude in your Partner, you should start by overcoming the tendency of “always wanting to be right in everything“, this will help to reconcile / talk and give opinions between the whole Family as well as with the Couple. A dominant person projects his energy to the world and uses reason to achieve his goals, he is reliable, tenacious, demanding, power oriented and can be aggressive in many ways (verbal, attitude and action), remember these people like to say what they say the rest “must do“, socially/family/work as well as sexually, the dominant ones “think they are sexually virile“.

Not only is the Man dominant and aggressive, but he also exists in the Woman, who is a female who values ​​wit and is not going to make it easy for you to get an approving smile from him. She chooses your friends, the way you dress, what you should eat, and how you should talk, to all this is added that she has control of the TV. Most of them are sexist, they do not like spicy jokes, they do not accept many smiles (if they do not smile), they want to be the first to be greeted/invited and remembered), they are deeply offended when you do not greet them, when you do not feel to be questioned (because this is more than a normal talk), and controls you in everything, even if you are a friend. Remember that maintaining a relationship with a controlling – dominant person is harmful because their mission is to “annul your personality” and will make you fall into their trap of emotional dependency. Take care to maintain the freedom of your personality and thought, free yourself from a dominant – controlling and aggressive partner, because that is not love and you are not an object for your Partner.

Men as women “dominant – controllers” their mission is to hinder the empowerment of others, both in the public and private spheres, preventing progress from being feminine as well as masculine in the world.

7 Important Points Your Dominant Partner Wants From You:
-Isolate yourself from your friends and family, to introduce yourself to their friends and family.
-Control your social networks, phone, messages with your friends and with your own family.
-It obstructs your free time, it keeps you busy in chores where it is for the benefit of your partner, that is, it does not respect your work or your personal achievements, remember that her mission is to destroy everyone who tries to be better than him / her.
-Choose your way of dressing, makeup, acting and your personal habits.
-And he gets violently angry if you go out on your own without him/her.
-Controls and dominates the sexual moment, diminishes you sexually and imposes the sexual act in its own way, imposes sexual games and the way you want the sexual act, many times they want to denigrate your personality and make a “prostitute” at their feet.

8 Points to try to deal with your Dominant Partner:
-Understands this person’s need for control
-Respond to the controlling person constructively
-Check your own tendencies and free yourself from the controlling person
-Evaluate your level of self-confidence, it is important that you value yourself, even if your partner mocks and denigrates you.

Assemble a support system, in any way possible:
-Plan the different routes and scenarios
-Ask for psychological help
-Understands that feelings can be confusing

In general, behind the controlling personality, the fear of uncertainty tends to hide. This controlling person only seeks security through the rules and control that he imposes.

Love, does not mean selling your own personality exchange for affection” amadriadi

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