Abuse is not Love

There are WOMEN who appear to have a normal family relationship, maybe for fear of threats from their Partner or for not losing their children or perhaps they still have “hope” that their Partner’s attitude will can change for the better, but they just lose her time of life and in many cases she fall into a deep depression and anxiety that will not allow her to concentrate on her personal goals, work and her daily life.

Many WOMEN among us show a lovely smile to the World, but arriving in home their worst nightmare start when hearing the screams, insults, contempt, constant threats and sexual violence from their Partner, yes that Man who she fell in love and left everything to live with him , this man who her takes care of him every day, cooks, cleans his clothes and tidies everything at home to making a nice place for the man who she loves, but abuse is not love!

There are several cases of “Female Abuse or Family Violence“, most of these cases are due to a male chauvinist , with mental problems, or alcohol or drug problems, or because he was born in a family circle where he was assaulted by one of his parents and his violent reaction represents when is drunk or drugged or because he believes that this is the way will be able to erase his own nightmare that pulls like heavy chains in all his life. But why should her Partner pay for her own Nightmares that Man pulls? Because they hide a pleasant personality from others and when this door house is closed, he are the worst “ogre” that woman ever thought she knew! Why change his personality when he is drunk and physically assaults the Woman that one day he said loved? Why? …. This is the great unknown of many Women who suffer this “abuse” in silence for shame do not speak about it, or out of this fear.

Today the “mental problem” has increased after these pandemic quarantines, where family violence and violence against women has grown enormously! NOT EXCUSE to hurt other …

Those arrogant and violent Men love “scream” with such contempt for their Woman (as if they had bought her!), with so much hatred in their eyes look at her and with so much violence can attack her sexual or psychotic attitude …. but, after this period of time, that same Man demanding that his wife has warm sex with him, want she continues to care him, and want she smiling at him that does everything he wants, that is Chauvinist men, who his egoism blinds to see the pain that produces in his wife, or perhaps he instead feel more Man… But, is it being more Man when doing this to his Wife?

In this Women’s week, today Sunday before end the week of the celebration, I wanted to share this topic with all the Women who may have something similar or worse case … my message is that they are not alone, although the Universal laws don’t protect us completely, it is important to react at the right time, we can’t keep share our life with a Man who doesn’t love us anymore!


Our society is Chauvinist, although if do not want to accept this, today many Women have decided to live “alone” and it is that perhaps was happened seriously sad event of Family Violence, honestly that Woman can once again have confidence in living with a Man who pretends to love and over time he becomes our worst nightmare in life.

These cases not only occur in women, there are also men who suffer family violence.

When you see a Woman or Man, who decided to “live alone“, please do not underestimate this, perhaps they had more courage than us in not accepting a life full of abuse and disagreements, and decide to live in harmony but alone.


We were not born to be slaves, endure abuse or violent situations from who say love us, remember we were born to be loved, respected and admired


amadriadi celia bailes © All Right Reserved. Copyright Protect My Work Limited


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