The pain of War

For those who know the pain of a military Invasion or a hard War, there are no words to decipher the deep pain that cannot be erased from minds even with the passage of the time….

Invasions exist from so many different forces, but War is the most destructive in the end.

The war makes us lose our comfortable home, our city full of traditions and cheerful colours, our neighbours and daily life, many abandon their animals and pets, others prefer to save their animals and leave everything they bought with effort in their lovely homes, others decide to stay to fight for their own country and save their wives and children, elderly people feel too old to run away and prefer to play his destiny, soldiers who did not think they would be present in a war, and… an entire country without being able to watch what will happen next, many nightmares, just learn to think about “surviving“.

If, we would think about “why a war or military invasion occurs“, each one of us would respond in so many ways and ideas, but at that moment when it happens, we do not reflect too much just think about saving innocent people…. but , always at the end of a war many things come out that could not be seen and reflected upon at the time.

The lie to create a war is the worst mental perversion of those who press that button, before dialoguing and trying to avoid reaching a disaster.
We are in 2022, a modern, cybernetic era, full of holograms and so many scientific things that claim to make life easier and more practical blah blah blah… but, when they want to wage war, forget everything modern mind and return to the pre mind story.

Unfortunately, everything always comes to light one day and the truth always beats the lies.
Our World will always be in danger of wars, because nobody touches or ask to sanctions those great powers when they invade, sanction just for 1 when many have their hands stained with blood and continue playing to feel untouchable… what a sad reality!

I send my love to the Ukrainian People as well as to the Russian People. Because in a war the citizens are not guilty of the decisions of their own leaders.


amadriadi celia bailes © All Right Reserved. Copyright Protect My Work Limited


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