Hello Friends ☕☘ Welcome March, always expecting positive things happen (and I send my prayers for all Ukraine people), I pray for children, youth, elderly and his pets who are the most sensitive in this moment, may God take care all of them in their paths to find peace and that no one favoured with human trafficking now that are a people in need 🙏

Well, to attract “good vibes” we must feel and think about them, for this it is necessary to think positively for all of us who wish to send them our positive vibes and always raising our prayers to the perfect Universe. ✨

And what do we celebrate this month?

1 Pancake’s Day & San David’s day
3 World Book day & Wildlife day
9 Barbie day
17 St Patrick’s Day
18 Global Recycling day
19 Dia de San Jose & World sleep day
20 Welcome Spring
21 World Poetry day
25 Tolkien day
27 Horario de Verano & Mother’s Day & British summer time begins
29 Piano day

Friends, for many of us started this month with a lot of concern about perhaps start “world war“, but please let’s be positive, let’s send our good vibes to the Universe and pray to help give more heavenly light to the souls of the leaders, because many of Us wants peace and harmony.

Well, it’s time to activate my energies to complete my goals and desires, to do something and move on. 😊✌
Since January I’ve been on “stand bye“, that is, I’m like a very slow turtle!
Is time to organize myself and start …… Hugs x

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