Ready for Change?

On Thursday, we have all woken up with thunderous news, which has impacted many, made others argue and others simply fall on their knees to pray for their loved ones.

The thing is today is not time to discuss why, or watch this sad event like a movie on TV, or smile of ignorance because not knowing the depth of everything there.
Because everything is so deeply and just, its own citizens know better than anyone that happen now.

It is time to raise our prayers for all those souls who died, who are suffering at this time, for all those scared children, and those pets who are with their owners on this path without knowing what will happen next…. honestly it is a very sensitive moment ✨🙏✨

With this hard Pandemic, many of us learned the pain of losing a loved one, of seeing a friend suffer, of reflecting on ourselves.
Now that those doors have been opened, many forget all this so easy and take life again as a gambling token.
But, many of us still carry this memory in our souls and we have just learned to accept this change on ours lives.

Things today will no longer be like before, we will not be like before, we must accept this change that is imposed on us and, we must accept with great optimism and faith that something good can happen in the end of everything.
Do not waste time in wanting to change others with their political ideas, ideologies and mentality, if they were born without logic they will die without logic, because they never effort to achieve logic in their lives just walk and things like others.

Don’t waste time today is little shorter our life, but it’s still a beautiful life, if you think about it!

Please share a smile and kindness.
Our Modern World has forgotten it, today rudeness and violence is his modernity way.

We are rational humans and, analytically observing the problems of our Life, problems around us and Country, and our crossroads, please should not impose bitterness on our soul.

Perhaps this current conflict between Ukraine and Russia, some countries suffer harsh economic consequences, it is time to be prepared, let us remember that Pandemic taught many of us to survive in very critical moments, that is, we learned for this new change.
May the Heavenly Angels bless each one of you x

We are ending soon February (the month of love and friendship), we will enter Easter time and Spring to some Countries and for others, the Autumn!
Let’s keep happy and harmonious thoughts, decorate your piece of heaven with it and feel good there.

Be thankful for your blessings.

Some of us have been used to creating ideas to sell (according to the seasons and holidays), buying materials for these occasions and decorating very well. This 2022 is the year of “changes” and many have learned to recycle, create and make many beautiful things for themselves, learn cooking, learn read books and take relax time, sewing their own accessories and clothes, learn yoga & more! Oh yeah, many accept this change always looking for the way out that best makes them feel better and in harmony with themselves.
And, still some who always fall into frustration or anxiety for not having the same economic opportunity or life as before the Pandemic.

Just look for the positive side of everything, even if out there is dark, you can create your rainbow in your piece of heaven, remember it.
Do not decline, do not feel inferior for not having the opportunity like others, do not feel depressed with yourself, do not be ashamed of your actually economy, just accept the change and look at for the right solution for you to move always forward!

Have a lovely weekend x


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