List of Books

List of Books that cannot be missed this weekend 📚☘ Well start preparing your comfortable place, a hot cup and a lot of harmony around you ☕❤ just enjoy your weekend

Sick of Shadows” (Marion Chesney)
Lady Rose Summer may be beautiful, but her interest in social reform is a concern for her parents.
Bored with social round, she’s delighted to befriend sweet , bewildered Dolly Tremaine, an exquisite country girl for whom the London Season is all a bit much.
But when her protégé’ is found floating in the river, it’s time for Harry to step up and solve the mystery of Dolly’s Death – before Rose herself falls victim.

The Duchess of Drury Lane” (Freda Lightfoot)
Growing up in a poverty – stricken, fatherless household, Dorothy Jordan overcame her humble beginnings to become the most famous comic actress of her day.
It was there that Dorothy caught the eye of the Duke of Clarence, later to become King William IV.
Her 20 year relationship with the Duke was one of great happiness and domesticity, producing 10 Children. But ultimately Dorothy’s generous nature was her undoing and she was her undoing
and she was to be cruelty betrayed by the man she loved.

The Devil’s Priest” (Kate Ellis)
In 1539 a pregnant novice nun, Agnes Moore, ejected from her convent and staying with resentful relatives, claims to have been attacked in the ancient chapel of St Mary del Quay on Liverpool’s waterfront by Satan himself.
Her former abbess, Lady Katheryn Berkeley, comes to her aid but when a young priest is found dead in the river Mersey, his right hand hacked off, Katheryn realises that Liverpool harbours some disturbing secrets.
When Agnes is brutally murdered, Katheryn has to face the most urgent question of all.
Why has such evil come to Liverpool and who is the Devil’s Priest?

The Riddles of Epsilon” (Christine Morton – Shaw)
Inside an abandoned cottage on the remote island of Lumen, jess encounters an eerie ghost – like presence.
She also finds 3 locked boxes and, as she earns the right to unlock each, the contents send her mind spinning.
As Jess unravels the mystery of her new home, she discovers the writings of Sebastian – a boy who lived over a century before and whose life contains unsettling parallels and reflections of her own.
Both their mothers are plagued with a madness witch has sent them searching for a relic that holds the key to an ancient curse.
Throughout, Jess is guided by Epsilon – but is he a guide from the bright side or the dark?

Let’s Talk About being messy” (Joy Berry)
Illustrated story with a message to be less messy.

Simon’s Cat” (Simon Tofield)
Dedicated book with the images and illustrations of Simon’s Cat Author.


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