Chaos week

It was a nightmare week! 💦
Has it ever happened to you where so many not good things happen at the same time, where the technical problems of the house join the work what you do in home, the responsibilities and plus, the personal problems around you, uniting everything it like a big magnet to causing a whole psychological chaos in you? Well, many times it happens and… in the end honestly, finished so exhausted, without positive energy and just wanting to rest to forget that bitter moment. Because next day is a new day …

In couple, there is always one of us more energetic than the other, we are 2 so different person (we did not grow up together!), each one is independent of the other and with different goals and skills / the way to watching the things and this world / or to choice. When all this turns into chaos/domination and great reproaches for one of this couple, just putting your personality in the feet, and becomes a psychopath nightmare live together, plus add our daily problems…

Perhaps, we end up without positive energy and just our mind wants to think of “a good solution“, because life is to be lived in harmony, peace, happiness and with great optimism. If someone around us does not seek like this, it is better to let him go his own way, and we go to walk ours way.

This just 1 life, and we ​​can no longer waste time and lose opportunities to smile and be happy with our drops of good life, because this the life.

Remember we cannot change what is rotten, we cannot wish for the best if that person is happy with that sad or sick life, we cannot choose for others for best (they are freedom to choice for good or bad), it is just a time to take a deeply breath and start to walk your path alone, with the conscience and soul of having given the best of yourself to your partner, and to bring him many opportunities what never ever valued it and love you in real. Being never appreciated for all what you was do for him just make you remember him not “bought you”, love someone is not being slave of love.

We are in 2022, this Pandemic is ending in many countries, those doors open again and, it is time to open our wings to those who never appreciate us, is time to say “thanks and God bless you“, and go …

We cannot “carry” the problems of all (include our partner), because that accumulates on our back like steel bag to carry plus our bags, and in the end, everything is boring and everything is so tires. It is time for each one to carry their own bag on their backs and relieve the weight of others.
It is time, to move forward with our desires and aspirations, leave behind those pessimists, those afraid of doing something new in his 1 life, and those envious because they are unable to make a new life for themselves, because not have courage.

It’s time to rest, plan and always look a ways and solutions to help us progress personally.

Nothing is finished nothing is impossible, while you are alive!

This week also facebook system does not work well, every day it is more slower, more problems and more sensors!
Well, I decided to open my Personal Page in MEWE and I want to comment that it is super fast, active and does not have so many things that make you lose time, besides you just “copy the link of the video or page” and quickly it is already in your post! As well as photos and hashtags, you can create groups and have your live story active, it’s so much fun!
Here below I leave you my link x

Although if we do not achieve all our goals and desires this past week, the important thing is we are still alive and go to do more!
Happy weekend of love and friendship

amadriadi celia bailes
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