Books for this Weekend

Today I share some Books to read this weekend 📚☕☘ It’s very cold here, nothing better than a hot cup, a warm blanket and feel comfortable to start reading and maybe take a nap x

“James Henry Trotter is amazed to find a giant peach growing in his garden. But what’s even more unbelievable are the enormous insects he finds inside. What other surprises are in store?”

“Charlie Bucket’s bad luck is changing. He’s found the last Golden Ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, where many wonderful surprises await. Tremendous things are in store!”

“This is the tale of William Wallace, who saved his country’s honour in it’s darkest days. He will not be forgotten for as long as Scotland exists.”

“It seemed like an age before the order came to fire. All the time through the gun port and the nearest hatchway we were hearing the mounting thunder of cannon. The horrid whine of shot passing overhead, and the crashes as cannonballs struck the ship. Up on deck, in the smoke and the roar, enemy fire was shredding our sails, smashing our spars, killing and wounding dozens and dozens of our men.”

“This beautifully constructed tale of love and intrigue centres on the lives of Rosalind and Charles, born the same day, but from very different backgrounds. Rosalind’s family live modestly in Brighton, whereas Charles’s father is a Lord, owner of the magnificent ancestral seat, Hathaway House and its legendary library, containing rare first editions and copy of Shakespeare’s first folio.

Shakespeare plays and important part in their story, with previously undiscovered manuscript being auctioned at Sotheby’s, and there are echoes of Shakespearean themes, from issues of inheritance and betrayal to the redemptive power of love.”

amadriadi celia bailes
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