Ungrateful with your Partner in Love

In the Month of Love and Friendship, we cannot stop to talking about an attitude that occurs in silence in many couples or unions partners.
Sometimes we watch Couples united and smiling, but sometimes that smile is just for the photo!
Many cases of “psychological abuse” are carried out in deeply silence in many houses or partners, where not only is the Woman attacked, but also Men.

What does it mean to be Ungrateful?
Who forgets the favours and goods that are done to him or pays with bad actions in return. If it’s someone you care about, it’s best to give them the benefit of the doubt and ask for a moment to talk honestly. Explain why you feel they have been ungrateful and give them a chance to respond. Try to use “I” sentences instead of blaming others. The ungrateful person usually lacks empathy with the rest of the people, that is why he has an attitude of ungratefulness. The ungrateful person does not usually use the words please, thank you, sorry, but rather takes the favours he receives for granted. … Ingratitude is one of the most painful gestures that a close person can make to another.

Is it so hard to be Grateful, and is it more easier to be Ungrateful?
Much depends on how you were raised or the society in which you were born, but in many cases it is because they know very well that their “partner in love loves them” and will be able to withstand all tantrums, domination and ungratefulness.
But all this is always a “psychological abuse” where the feelings of the Couple run over and lowering her self-esteem to the ground, thus leaving her weak before any psychological attack from this Couple.
Many cases occur in Couples weaker than the other, and in other cases just to show “look at how strong I am!“.
Everything has its beginning and its end, that is, “love is a very fragile feeling” and cannot love an ungrateful and vile couple forever, otherwise love ends and you will walk in search of new opportunities.

Please being “grateful” does not mean being a slave to the other!

Just being grateful with a simply “thank you or a positive attitude towards your partner“, as well as understanding the hard work to your partner does for you in anyway.
In many cases, the sentimental work that the couple does in silence in front of their ungrateful partner is not appreciated. When they have the opportunity, they only know how to psychologically mistreat, diminish, offend with insults and ridicule his partner.
Being a couple does not mean having to “pull and carry this huge bundle” that becomes an ungrateful partner, but to lighten the load.
If the couple is arrogant and strong in their desire to continue psychologically abusing their partner with contempt, and being ungrateful in everything their partner does, that relationship is simply no more GO!
Respect and assert yourself” is a very important thing, because knowing who you are makes you strong against a partner who doesn’t respect, be grateful and love you anymore.

“Love does not mean being a slave to the other, it’s being partners to walk and support each other” amadriadi

amadriadi celia bailes
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