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Welcome month of love and friendship


We start the Month of Love and Friendship, (in many countries like America, Friendship Day is also celebrated that same day!), a celebration to receive gifts or cards from the “secret friend“, or offer a romantic dinner or a special invitation, so many different ways to celebrate Valentine’s day x

With the Pandemic (many of us were in quarantine without being able to celebrate it as we were used to), some countries have lifted their restrictions and others still have strict rules. So, this celebration may change for some and it will be different.

This 2022, we will celebrate with what we have at home and we will create delicious recipes and recycled decorations, the gifts will no longer artificial but something what you need or use. The mentality in many has changed, and I think that celebration will be much deeply and so special ❤

And for cheers? Many will choose organic or natural products.
Don’t forget to give your touch of Valentine!

As you have decided to make your valentine, do it with love

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