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Welcome month of love and friendship


We start the Month of Love and Friendship, (in many countries like America, Friendship Day is also celebrated that same day!), a celebration to receive gifts or cards from the “secret friend“, or offer a romantic dinner or a special invitation, so many different ways to celebrate Valentine’s day x

With the Pandemic (many of us were in quarantine without being able to celebrate it as we were used to), some countries have lifted their restrictions and others still have strict rules. So, this celebration may change for some and it will be different.

This 2022, we will celebrate with what we have at home and we will create delicious recipes and recycled decorations, the gifts will no longer artificial but something what you need or use. The mentality in many has changed, and I think that celebration will be much deeply and so special ❤

And for cheers? Many will choose organic or natural products.
Don’t forget to give your touch of Valentine!

As you have decided to make your valentine, do it with love

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DIY Decor en MDF
Hoy crearemos, Decoupage con Papel de Regalo, yo he usado 2 diferentes calidad ( color mate y papel de seda estampado), ambos me dan una apariencia de usar Papel Decoupage!
PS. Te recuerdo esta es solo una IDEA, los materiales puedes variarlo, color, medidas y demas.
Yo lo he realizado simplemente con MATERIALES BASICOS.
Para los DETALLES de este Video IR A MI SITIO WEB (Ideas Diy, mi Blog, Recetas, Cuentos y Más)

Box y Letrero en MDF
PVA (Cola Blanca)
Papel de Regalo (reciclado)
Adornos (lentejuelas, stickers, cintas, botones, etc).
Colores Acrilicos

Para iniciar limpiaremos el MDF (con una lija de madera pasaremos por toda la superficie y angulos), luego limpiamos del polvo excedente para poder dar un color base (con color acrilico), te recomiendo usar un tono de acuerdo a la decoracion del papel de regalo. Dejar secar bien.

Luego “calcar la imagen” encima de nuestro papel de regalo y recortar.
Te recomiendo que combines colores y estampados!

El papel de regalo mate lo usare para el box joyero y el papel seda de regalo lo usare para el cartel.

Usaremos una brocha ancha para espalmar el PVA encima de nuestro MDF y poder pegar nuestra imagen recortada.

Yo, he pasado 4 pasadas de PVA (dejando secar bien entre cada pasada), para que tome fuerza el papel de regalo.
Ademas de dara brillo!

Cuando este seco nuestra decoracion, yo he usado marcadores para delinear las imagenes recortadas.
Luego puedes iniciar a decorarlo con todo lo que encuentres en casa!

Para decorarlo, recicla todo lo que tengas en casa. Además, usé “esmalte de uñas escarchado” que le da un efecto brillante y glossip.
Y así es como queda el resultado, sinceramente, no se ve mucha la diferencia entre un papel especial para decoupage a un papel de regalo.

Aqui, puedes con el marcador hacer lineas como de bordado o country efecto!

Es importante cultivar la “paciencia”, el decoupage como otras tecnicas necesitan de tiempo de secado, de cocer o de armarlo, es decir,
te recomiendo divertirte cuando estas creando algo, no busques la perfeccion simplemente deja que tu alma juegue con la fantasia!

No presionar fuerte la brocha al momento de pasar encima del papel de regalo (puede romperse!), ademas no dejar lineas de PVA que se secara y hara sombras.

Today we will create, Decoupage with Gift Wrap, I have used 2 different qualities (matte color and patterned tissue paper), both give me the look of using Decoupage Paper!
PS. I remind you, that is just an IDEA, you can vary materials, colour, measurements and more.
I have done it just with BASIC MATERIALS
For the DETAILS of this Video GO TO MY WEBSITE (Diy Ideas, my Blog, Recipes, Tales & More)

Box Jewellery & Board MDF

Paper gift (recycled)

Ornaments (sequins, stickers, ribbons, buttons, etc).

Acrylic colour

To start we will clean the MDF (with a wooden sandpaper we will go over the entire surface and angles), then we clean of the excess dust to be able to give a base colour (with acrylic colour), I recommend you use a tone according to the decoration of the paper gift.
Let dry well.

Then “trace the image” on top of our wrapping paper and cut out.
I recommend that you combine colours and patterns!

I will use the matte wrapping paper for the jewellery box and the silk wrapping paper I will use for the board.

We will use a wide brush to spread the PVA on top of our MDF so we can stick our cut out image.

I have doing 4 passed of PVA (letting it dry well between each pass), so that the wrapping paper takes strength.
In addition giving a shine!
When our decoration is dry, I have used markers to outline the cut out images.

Then you can start decorating it with everything you find at home!

To decorate it, recycle everything you have at home. Also, I used “frosty nail polish” which gives it a Glossip effect!
And this is how the result is, honestly, it is no different from a special decoupage paper to wrapping paper.


It is important to cultivate “patience”, decoupage, like other techniques, needs time to dry, cook or assemble it,
that is, I recommend having fun when you are creating something, do not look for perfection, just let your soul play with fantasy!

Do not press the brush hard when passing over the wrapping paper (it can break!), also do not leave lines of PVA that will dry and make shadows.

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