Fashion and You

Since Civilization began in our Human World, each of us has a bit of “vanity“, at different levels.

Then, with the passing of the time, Women’s fashion has been perfected, in some cases it is desired to be something futuristic and neutral at the same time, in other cases it is very sophisticated and elegant, in others just simple.

The industry makes a lot of money when it imposes his “new fashion” on our Society, where many want to use it and others think that will gain more attention of others.
The Fashion Industry does not look at your imperfections or deeply personality, just wants to sell you his product at a high price.

Many women get depressed or frustrated to not being able to buy that lovely fashionable bag or outfit, or not being able to buy those sexy shoes and new perfume… that is, the Fashion Industry does not look at this, them just promotes you and sells its products before the amazed eyes of many.

Women are all beautiful, but one different from the other!

Some model cannot be seen you as the model that exposes it or the manikin in the boutique, because many women have different body textures, legs, height, weight and skin colour. Some colours or bright of this new model, is not for everyone in general, but not needed be sad for this.

Do not make you a problem sinking in a glass of water!
React and be aware that the Fashion is just a “reference“, it should not be a “mandate” in you, and don’t think if you must use it will be accepted in the Society, is not true!

You and your Personality are worth much more than a current dress fashion, remember this.
First, you must choose “a fashion” that is with your own personality and the details of your body, also remember that wearing something fashionable should not mean losing your own personality, because you will not be happy wearing it, if you just “imitating” others. .. be happy with yourself and create your own fashion!

Whichever model you want to use, you will be a special Woman, who creates her own personal lovely light ✨ And, we respect it x

amadriadi celia bailes
© All Right Reserved. Copyright Protect My Work Limited


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