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Christmas with or without

Christmas with or without 🎄❤ it’s always Christmas!

In many countries of the world, celebrating Christmas is a tradition of the country as a family member. Many do not choose Turkey but will have other delicious dishes are eaten at their tables. Others, with this pandemic, has hit the economy of many families and in this Christmas will be very simple and humble in everything. Some others have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas as usual, but others will not be able to do.

Many will be able to meet with their own Family or Friends this Christmas. Others have decided to remain isolated and still celebrate with the family virtually, and others just want their own privacy.

Some homes may have novelty and luxury decorations with huge gift boxes. Other Homes will recycle their ornaments and maybe do it at home, their gifts are not huge boxes but, are loaded with a lot of love.

Some this Christmas are pessimistic, bitter and unbelievers to this Feast. But others, smile with excitement and joy, because they can feel Christmas spirit in their hearts.

Whatever the way celebrate Christmas at home, or how you have decided to do it, keep in mind that with or without, it is always Christmas!
Your table may not have the largest turkey and huge gift boxes with sparkly decorations, you may not fall into despair or anxiety or sadness for wish to get something that is out of your budget today, just remember that the true message of Christmas is not to buy expensive gifts. no fancy decorations or elegant buffet on the table. Christmas is the celebration of Jesus Christ who was born in a very humble place at very critical times politically and racially. There were no luxuries, simply his message is “love and peace for everyone” 🎄❤ Now, as you wish to celebrate Christmas, remember that with or without, it’s always Christmas in every Home!

God Blessing 🙏🎁🎅✨

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