Dreamy Sheep


Do you have pieces of felt, buttons, jute cord, cotton, recycled cardboard, jingles, at home?

Well, here I show you one of my DIY creations, it is very easy, quick to do and you just have to add your personality!

First, you must copy the free patterns and cut these (so it will be easier to draw them on the felt or fabric).

Second, that have the patterns, cut out 1 images on the recycled cardboard for the body, (which will be its body and will have weight), now with the PVA rubber glue cotton on top and with the hot silicone glue the cord from where you will hang it. Let it dry.
While it dries, use the pattern to cut the body on top of Felt or Fabric (remember to leave at least 1 cm all around), for the legs and face it will be only recycled cardboard and lined with Felt or Fabric. I, to give it a cheerful touch, I have embroidered it with contrasting coloured threads.
When you have everything trimmed and dry. You can start!

Some sheep bodies are embroidery and others just glued with PVA.
To secure the rope of the legs and the face, glue them with hot silicone, then the same with the extra ornaments (such as foamy flowers, felt, sequins, buttons, bows, etc.), use your fantasy to decorate it and combine designs.

Now, it is ready to hang it on the door, so the one who enters the bell will ring and also indicate that it is time to sleep.

Ps. Tell me if you liked my idea

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