When an expression irritates and annoys us


One word can destroy a good moment…

You may can be in a pleasant chat with a friend or in a group or at work or in a social meeting, but the problem not start where but just the expression that was someone said to you.

It seems funny, but for some it is a very serious thing.

The “freedom of expression” is for all of us Humanity, but it must be taken into “how, when and to what talk or do“, everything that is thought, expressed, discussed and hit should be freely to said or do.
But, many have something in their own mind, that when you speak or mention or do “something“, they jump like wild beasts on you and fill you with their bitter and harsh words to you.
Many times, it is not known what triggered the bad moment, the argument or the fight.
And on many occasions, it can lead to physical aggression …

So, we start to reflect that “freedom of expression” is not respected for many and that, we live in a society where some “want to impose” how you should think or what you should say or what you should comment or what you should do …
We are not part of any psychological or control game of any like this, please (even if it is a family member, friend or partner of ours), no one has the right to raise their voice and make us shut up before “own expression“, if they do not like this? Well, we are not here to be what others want, we are here in this world to be “as we are“, with our own ideas, thoughts, mind and way of seeing this just 1 life!

We should not be scared or live stressed in being “doing things as others wish“, but it is they who should have a stronger, independent and charismatic personality, to take things more easy, and stop to take offense at everything what others say or always seek problem in everything.

As the Society says it is going to Modern life, more psychotic Primitives are seen who are analysing us to the minimum words or expression or what we do, to attack us… when, they should attack their own internal ghosts, that does not let them be as free as we are many of us … please, be in Harmony with your self and be free to do or say whatever do you think.

“I hope my way of seeing things doesn’t offend you” amadriadi

Recuerda, mi sitio web tiene “traductor” en tu idioma, gracias por estar aquí x
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