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We become a Turtle Couple!

Perhaps many will laugh at the title, but it is a reality to which will accepted 🐾

With the Pandemic and the enormous scare at the beginning of it, we fell into a long depression, which we have been struggling to get out of, well we managed to fight it 55%, then we got vaccinated, the long National Quarantine ended … and after this we thinking, “is it back to normal life?”
Honestly no!
Those quarantines and pandemic depressions or mental problems that many of us have suffered around the world (in silence), today turning the machine on is not easy for many …
The bodily and muscular discomforts that we feel after the vaccine in our body, the fatigue, the pains in the feet when walking a lot, the irritation to the sun or strong light, even more the change of season has made us wake up with a headache this days. and with body numbness, honestly, we do personal things at a “turtle” means pace, now it goes like this, one works, one rests, one works and rests, then a long time sitting, the body hurts that we must lie down on the bed, raise our legs, then walk and pause walk and pause ….
We have sincerely become Turtles!

Now patience and calm is our reward, behind are those times when we did everything with so much energy, good health and thin bodies, today we are going step by step, taking care of our health, because anxiety gives us a horrible headache, so we avoid falling into anxiety / sadness / depression or bad mood, plus all this time into home make us being not more thin couple, but in the end we need accept our reality and carry on with our lives.
How many things can change in 1 year or rather, after this World Pandemic...

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