Be there or stay here

In the last 3 months, everything “apparently returned to normal” or almost, many have gone on vacation, traveling, and found themselves again in social groups or with friends or family.

Others have returned to their daily routines (gym, running, hiking, having something hot cup in Coffee Shop or drinking something cool in the Pub, going shopping in malls, starting short trips.

Many do not use masks anymore, not to social distance, not to fear and they are getting “living with the virus”, many broke the barrier of fear to accepting the vaccine and others have not yet decided do it.

In this part of the World it is Summer time (Autumn will soon begin next September) and in the other part of the World it will be Spring!

The wonder of the Nature is so perfect, but many still fail to understand it or just respect.

But, there are still many who prefer that comfortable chair and let our minds fly imagining the pleasant moments lived without fear and without viruses out.

The cell phone rings, the doorbell rings, perhaps someone will inviting us to share a lovely moment in the world, but our mind is still relaxed in that comfortable armchair, because we feel safe there, we are not there yet prepared to face the world,
because we feel safe at home for now …

Let’s not call “antisocial” those who are still in their homes and almost isolated, sincerely it is not easy for many and even more, that Virus has not been defeated, but we must live with it in our minds.

The best thing is to accept the moment that is right to open that door and redo life as the others have already advanced one step!

Although, if the cases are known little as well as the variants, the World has already begun to make its decision to continue or stay with … God bless each one x

Recuerda, mi sitio web tiene “traductor” en tu idioma, gracias por estar aquí x
amadriadi celia bailes © Copyright Protect My Work Limited


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