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The World Vs Chaos

Not just is the “law of the fittest” being applied, but psychological chaos too …

The Pandemic has helped many of us Humans to be stronger mentally and psychologically, but some have problems being strong violent and this is where chaos occurs due to their “weakness” and others due to their “frustration“, whatever is the fact that today many cannot speak socially without aggression or without measuring the consequences to do it.

It is not “shy or fearful” to avoid falling into verbal or psychotic aggression from someone, it is because violence did not solve anything in the past and it will not solve anything in our present.

Avoiding does not make us cowards, but is choosing to continue in our harmony, in our ideals, in our thinking without falling into violence or chaos …

Many are being enveloped by a deep and dense gray cloud, where the logic of everything is lost and where psychotic rage is the answer to everything.
Many of us observe this, and we prefer not to fall into the psychotic game of some but we choose to remain in our harmony, where we laugh, share, chat and think about our future – present with optimism.

Aggressively arguing will not solve the problem, we will simply fall into the psychotic game of one or more …

The truth is just one!

Even if some told us that the colour yellow is now orange, we logically know well that that statement is not real, it is not true, and falling into chaos as they wish to make us fall, we must not allow it!

If our beautiful and beloved World is fighting against the chaos of that deep darkness, but I know that heavenly Angels are fighting against those who wish the World to fall to its knees before the deep chaos.

Once again, we are learning to continue in our harmonious ways, once again the love and courage to continue living is part of our soul, once again we choose to continue walking leaving that chaos behind …

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The law of the strongest

Not just the Pandemic brought darkness to our World but also the chaos Social and silly World events that are happening today.

We can not turn our face to hide and think “nothing happens here“, because we know well that the world has been spinning crooked for a long time!
Our World is going through not the chaos of the Pandemic but the chaos in Politics, where many show themselves without their masks before the World, where the World observes the depths of their souls.

But, the Pandemic and its Quarantines, has opened a “portal in our brain” that today many of us can feel, perceive, observe and reflect on the many things that are happening today, although if we are in silence our brain works and analyses everything ….

Before, the law of the strongest was the racial or social or religious discussion, today it is world politics that is submerged in enormous chaos, although it seems normal, it is wrapped in the law of the strongest, and we from here “the inhabitants of the World “we observe all this from our windows,
in our safe and harmonious homes, if in our little piece of heaven, where we try to keep that grey smoke of the present world from entering.

We have suffered a lot psychologically with the Pandemic and I think that many of us have strengthened inside to continue standing without falling to our knees before this chaos that our World lives … to lose hope is to fall into depression in anxiety in illness, Let’s be optimistic and stay in harmony there in our piece of heaven.

We are not weak because we are far from the World problem, we are just surviving by not falling into that grey chaos …

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