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Hola ☘🎨 Muchos pensaran que es un juego tener “depresion pandemica“, pero nada es un juego cuando esto rompe tus anhelos, ritmo de trabajo y vida. Yo vengo sufriendo esto desde el 2020 y lucho cada dia por desatar sus nudos y sentirme libre como antes. Por esto es mi motivo de retraso en retornar aqui como a mi canal en youtube como en mi pagina web. Solo puedo decir que si alguno esta sufriendo algo asi, “tu no estas solo” y no es momento de avergonzarse en decirlo, es momento de estar unidos todos y apreciar a quienes estan luchando por retomar sus vidas, a quienes cortaron la red de depresion pandemica y a quienes aun estamos luchando por romper esta red que nos limita.Dios nos bendiga x

Hello ☘🎨 Maybe many think that it is a game to have “pandemic depression“, but nothing is a game when it takes down your desires, your work and life. I have been suffering from this since 2020 and still fight every day to untie its knots to feel free as before. For this reason it is my reason for my delay in returning here as to my channel on YouTube as well as on my website. I can only tell you that if someone is suffering something like this, “you are not alone” and it is not time to be ashamed to say it, just it’s time to be united all and appreciate those who are fighting to resume their lives, those who cut the network of depression pandemic and those of us are still struggling to break that network that limits us. God bless us x

Ayudemos a los Niños y Jovenes que sufren Depresion o Problemas Mentales por Pandemia Covid, ellos “no estan solos” ✨🙌✨ es tiempo de ayudarnos uno al otro, esto no es un juego, solo debes tener respeto y amor ❤

Let’s help the Children and Young People who suffer of Depression or Mental Problems due to the Covid Pandemic, they “are not alone” ✨🙌✨ It’s time to help each other, this is not a game, you just have to have respect and love ❤

I want to remind you, my Website has “translate” into your language, thanks for being here x
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