Decorate your pots

In this time of Pandemic, it is even more so when we must decorate our house with a cheerful touch 😊🌷

The trend of creating dolls with a clay, ceramic or plastic flower pot, it is a huge fun to create it in its different female or male images, we can also make images of the grandparents!
You just need acrylic colours and varnish (if they will be exposed to air and humidity), you can decorate it with touches of Country Paint or just do something fun, that cheers up your balcony, garden or window.

Another way to decorate is with Gift Wrap! Using its enormous variety that we can have at home recycled and make a beautiful cheerful combination. You should also use varnish if it is in the air and humidity.

But if you want to give it an artistic touch, that is, you want to draw and paint it, you should use acrylic colours and varnish, the imagination is infinite, you can also make mandalas of coloured dots!

I want to remind you, my Website has “translate” into your language, thanks for being here x
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