Pandemic Psycho

It is not the title of Film by A. Hitchcock or Horror, it is just what this sick Pandemic offers to each Human: psychotic disorders πŸ˜·πŸ™πŸŒŽβ˜˜

Start it in 2020 catching us by surprise and we did not know what was happening, what to do or if everything was just a nightmare. Months passed and facts that they wanted to hide were discovered, many began to speak without further fear and many took to the streets to say “no to the globalist psychopathic pandemic“, but those globalist powerful people sitting on their riches mansions or from their luxurious safe bunkers look at us like mice lab, but feeling no mercy for any or Us.
But, this is not just the psychotic thing but is the way they promote it each second to impulse fear and broken our freedom to choose, I say it, underline because today the vaccine is no longer a freedom to choose it but they have known how to press for it to be accepted, the side effects are in the light of the truth (they can no longer hide it), many talk about this but more millions of people are still vaccinated Humans.
In addition, they talk about new mutant (more stronger than the current virus), they talk that the vaccine does not fight it 100%, in the end we ask ourselves “and what is it for? Is it an experimentation?
But, the voice of a simple Human is not heard and the globalist agenda is followed.
But, to all this, the forced and long quarantines (lockdown), are giving their effects on many of us who have fallen into long depressions, where sleeping awake or not being able to concentrate, is today a reality, where you do not want to hear the news and live in a fantasy bubble to wish feel safe, where don’t know when your reality will break and being in the sad reality.

Many of us cannot sleep during normal hours and others spend more hours watching movies or reading books than doing something what we always doing in our normal life’s.
Artists like any other Human who is dedicated to other work “we are sensitive and emotional“, even if we are strong from having passed hard life tests of work hard to reach our goals, I can tell you now that many (like me) have fallen from knees before this psychotic Pandemic and not feel ashamed to felt it just accept it will make you strong.

We say to ourselves, I will not be weak and I will fight, but we fall back again into depression and we forget to keep our brain focused to do something.
I, personally, fell into depression since this psychotic pandemic began (and I call it that because not only the virus is lethal!), My wishes and dreams stayed at a snail’s time and runs like a snail, the no wins concentrate and even more, I say to be strong, but I fall again.

Blessed are those who have known how to break their ill bubble and keep on in their jobs or hobby from home and stay focused on, sincerely it is a huge blessing!
But, those of us who are still fighting fiercely to break that bubble, it is not that we are weak, but staying focused is our weakness.

I started this 2021 with the idea of maintaining the “Christmas fantasy” because this is what our Human race needs now “more fantasy, colour, joy and sweetness in our lives“, so I decided to call my TV Channel “Amadriadi Santa’s Workshop” and decorating my work angle all in Christmas theme so nice and sweet!
Everything was ready, but I always fall into my depression and always say to me: “tomorrow I will do it!” But, past a day like a week goes by and that’s how the days go by, today we are April 6, I did not fulfil my goal of Valentine’s Day and Easter (so many ideas to do),as my Audio Tales and Recipes … really, when I think about this makes me just feel more depressed and frustrated!

Now, I have received that experimental vaccine and it has side effects to which I am taking care of myself at rest my weak blood, just I keep my mind very optimistic, yes, because this is what we cannot lose “our dreams, desires, optimism, hopes and faith” everything that gives us harmony and joy, also all this reinforces our human immunity, because not everything is medicinal but also our Human Body that must react positively!
Now, it only remains to take things calmly and harmoniously (although if I’m honest, I hate calm!), I would like to do everything as before “fast and effective” but, there is a moment where you must accept calm to gain strength and be able to rise from that place called depression.

Some of us are born stronger than others, more skilful and others less fragile, but to those who feel like me, I simply want to tell you that you are not alone in this psychotic pandemic and do not lose your hope, because from this silly depression we will emerge and we can stop in walk to follow our work / hobby or art rhythm.
For now, I leave you my smile, my good vibes and my wishes to be here again and to start … that is my great desire!

Keep in touch, see you soon ☘
God bless us all x

“There is no worse madness, than to believe that we are not” amadriadi

“When Faith meets Hope, Miracles are created” amadriadi

“Believe in your strength and your Mind will push out Depression” amadriadi

I want to remind you, my Website has “translate” into your language, thanks for being here x
amadriadi Β© Copyright Protect My Work Limited


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